LOST’s very last episode aired last week and with it one of the most entertaining TV shows in years ever. The show started to me when I moved to Holland.

In Brazil everybody was entertained enough with our own Brazilian soaps. I read on Brazilian contact networks that this famous soap was ending bringing millions of Brazilians into the front of the TV. I tried to keep up with one or the other soap thru internet but I ended up giving up in less than a year’s time. I was totally committed to learning Dutch so I stopped watching Brazilian shows and decided to start living the life I had chosen for myself what included watching the ‘typically’ Dutch shows, like the at that time debutted Mooi Weer De Leeuw (something like “De Leeuw is back” or “Beautiful Day – De Leeuw”), by Paul de Leeuw and Raymann is laat, by Jörgen Raymann.

Watching these shows helped me understanding Dutch quicker but once you understand it and finally perceive everything that happens around you all the time, it becomes impossible not to become critical of everything and find the Dutch shows unbearable.

I didn’t watch any TV for a while.

A year later my ex partner bought a couple of LOST’s DVD about the 1st season. I remembered having seen something on the TV but I was too busy to bother about it. When I watched the first episode I feel in love immediately. I needed to find out where I stood about it and how much of it I had missed. It was then early 2007 and the NET5 was announcing the beginning of the 3rd season. I ordered all the previous season thru the marktplaats, a Dutch rummage sale site. And so it happened. Here in Holland, the show airs a week behind USA. Everybody has cable as it is the one option for you to watch anything which are not their only 3 public channels. A Brazilian girlfriend of mine was on her way to Brazil and said she wouldn’t mind buying the full set for me to watch and listen in Brazilian Portuguese.

My enthusiasm wasn’t shared by many people, I realized. I heard remarks like: the series is too complicated and senseless. I wondered why. Does it take being simple and easy to be liked? Can’t anyone give it a try to understand the plot or maybe even change it? Some scenes are unreal, I know, but wouldn’t this also be a chance to use imagination and just let go? I answered yes to both questions and never quit watching the show.

Matthew Fox as my wallpaper

I actually overreacted. I had actor Matthew Fox’s posters all over the place in my bedroom (not even when I was a teenager had I done such a thing) and everything that had something to do with Dharma Initiative or the smoke monster. The actors became my pc wallpapers.

From the very beginning I found the idea of not having the see American clichés and hearing New York accent English only and all the time very attractive. In such a yet more globalized world than the one we left behind last century, it is just not possible anymore to look at the world like it were one and all the same thing. It is actually black, white and yellow, fat and thin, rich and poor, honest or not, Catholic, atheist, Muslim, you name it. All these ingredients were to be found in LOST. There was one or the other ‘risqué’ scene, not bad for a series which lasted 6 years. I hold nothing against sex scenes on TV but I really don’t think it contributes in anything for a movie. That’s what the porn industry is for, I’m afraid. I almost forgot to mention our Rodrigo Santoro was there too. He starred shortly but significantly, speaking English very well for 7 episodes but having a dramatic death on 3rd season’s episode Exposé.

LOST moved me to tears many times, especially when it reminded me something I had gone thru myself. I have my favorite episodes of course and I still watch them again and again:

Pilot I and II: Jack (Matthew Fox) gets involved in a fight between Sayid and Sawyer and speaks the sentence that is going to name an episode in the future: If we cannot live together, we’re gonna die alone. Sayid e Saywer This episode revealed us what the series would be all about: people of different races having to put up with each other in order to live. I always found the race mixture a beautiful thing, even seducing but I think my tolerance bordered on actor Hurley. I really thought he would be losing weight in the coming episodes only because I was prejudiced and convinced enough to believe that there was something moral hidden behind the fact that they had chosen a fat actor for the series. But I learned to like Hurley the way he is, regardless of what he might look like.

White Rabbit: that’s when Locke tells Jack he had looked into the eye of the island and that what he had seen was beautiful . Locke tries to convince Jack that the island is special and that he should accept his task given by the island: take the lead.

Episode The Moth was when Charlie had to face his heroin addiction and once and for all cut its umbilical cord to his pre-island reality off, a reality bound up with Drive Shaft band and his eldest brother. Withdrawal symptoms can physically hurt and only someone who ever stopped with an addiction knows what it’s all about.

The Other 48 Days was, in my opinion, one of the most exciting episode ever made for the TV. For someone watching LOST for the first time, every new LOST’s episodes mean shaking and trembling on the couch in excitement. In this episode we can follow the survivors’s story of the tail section closely (as the plane detached in two in the air) and how they managed to survive completely isolated from the main group for 48 days.

S.O.S. Even though Rose and Bernard didn’t actually participate of most of the risky adventures, their flashback about how they met is one of the most moving ones to me. They fell in love with each other so quickly and that’s natural as we know better what we want when we are older. Bernard was certain about his love for Rose when he proposed to her in a violin-accompanied romantic dinner . Instead of the expected “I do” Rose explains to Bernard that she has cancer and that the doctors had given her 1 more year’s life at its longest. After a minute’s silence which seemed to have lasted forever, Bernard says: “You haven’t answered my question yet”.

Rose e Bernard

The 3rd season began with A Tale of Two Cities introducing us Juliet Burke. I cried a lot the first time I watched her inserting a CD in the player to play Petula Clark’s beautiful song Downtown. Juliet is actually one of the Others, a group of people who lived in the island for many years before the plane crashed. Juliet’s dream is to go back home and stay with her sister and nephew. But her destiny was different.

Stranger in a Strange Land was considered (even by the script writers) one of the worst episodes. There was even a sheriff in town. Jack had a tattoo on his left upper arm which he forced his Thai ex-girlfriend to make after she explaining that she was not just another tattoo maker but a person definer. If she tattooed Jack, she would define him as an important man, born to be a leader what made him always angry and afraid and lonely. Well, if I’ll ever have a tattoo on me, may it be that one.

Charlie’s Greatest Hits weren’t exactly his songs, not even his fame in the Drive Shaft band, but 5 simple things that happened to him or he did: getting a piano from his mother, learning to swim with his father, getting a family ring from his eldest brother, helping a woman (Sayid’s beloved woman by the way. She told Charlie that he was a hero and that he shouldn’t let anyone prove him otherwise) out of a robbery outside London’s Covent Garden and finally the night he met Claire.

Charlie noting down his 5 greatest hits

The 4th season began with The Beginning of the End. It was early 2008 and I was also living in a relationship which was at its beginning of the end. I had to watch it from behind piles of moving boxes as we had just moved to Amsterdam. I also used parts of this episode’s dialogues in a high school’s essay about subtitling.

The Shape of Things To Come was filled with bloodshed. Some dear actors had to die and that made me very upset. A few very well directed episodes in my opinion were The Incident at the end of the 5th season and Ab Aeterno in the 6th season, this last one explaining Richard’s secret for his long life.

I sure intend to watch LOST many many times. Seeing all these actors growing old was so cool. And I am sure it was a very endearing experience for them as it was for us lostmaniacs, growing old with them, lost in this “symbolic” island in which a few of us want to leave and others want to stay.